Service Times

Services are live streamed at Archived teachings are also available at the same link.

We at B'nai Israel Messianic Assembly strive to build a closer relationship with Yahweh through teaching the entire scriptures.  We meet weekly to continue our training through worship, study, and prayer.  Our desire is to reach out to a hurting world and be a place where all of Yahweh's children can come together. We believe families should worship together and that children learn by watching their parents. For this reason, children remain with their parents during services. We provide learning materials for the children that the parents can use at home to "teach them diligently to your children". (Deut. 6:7)

Each service includes liturgy, praise and worship through music and dance, and teaching from one or more of our elders.

We meet:


6:30pm - Erev Shabbat - We begin with a fellowship meal, open the Shabbat together, and have Torah study/Midrash.


1:45pm - Transition - A time to leave the world outside and transition into a time of worship of our Elohim

2:00pm - Full Service - Liturgy, Praise & Worship, Torah teaching

Our Location:

12330 E. 60th St., Suite E

Tulsa, OK 74146

Our team:

Congregational Leader- Earl Walters

Elders: Earl Walters, Michael McCann, Robbie Walters, Stan Randall, and Greg Douglass. 

Nosotros en B'nai Israelí Messianic Assembly tratamos de construir una relación con Yahweh a través de la enseñanza de todas las escrituras. nos reuníamos cada semana para continuar nuestro entrenamiento a través de la alabanza, estudio,y oración. Es nuestro deseo alcanzar a la gente que esta sufriendo en el mundo y ser ponernos en el lugar donde todos los hijos de Yahweh puedan estar juntos .Creemos que que las familias deben alabar juntas y los niños aprenderán al ver a  sus padres. Por esta razón ,niños permanecen con sus padres durante el servicio. Proveemos material para que los padres puedan usar en sus casas  de acuerdo con deuteronomio :6:7

Cada servicio incluye liturgia, alabanza y adoración  a través de musica y danza  y enseñanza de uno de los maestros.

Nos reunimos:


2:00 pm servicio completo liturgia,alabanza y adoración y enseñanza del Torah.

Estamos ubicados

12330 E 60 th St, Suite E

Tulsa Ok 74146

Dirigido por:

Líder: Eral Walters

Maestros: Eral Walters,Michael McCann,Robbie Walters,Están Randall y Greg Douglass.

12330 E. 60th St., Suite E, Tulsa, OK 74146 | | Service starts every Saturday at 1:45pm